The inspiration for more people to enjoy road cycling. The 2300 components are perfect for road-sport bikes with flat handlebars. These components carry the Shimano logo.

Technical Documents
  • 8-speed compatible
  • SIS rear index shifting
  • Wide link design
  • Total capacity: 35T
Model Number RD-2300
Series 2300
Cassette Compatibility 8-speed
Maximum Sprocket 26T/13T
Minimum Sprocket 21T/12T
Maximum Front Difference 22T
Total Capacity 35T
Guide Pulley
Tension Pulley
Bracket Body Aluminum
Bracket Pivot Seal
Plate Body resin/painted
Plate Pivot Seal
Outer Link steel/painted
Inner Link steel/zinc plated
Link Pin Bushings -
Outer Plate steel/painted
Inner Plate steel/zinc plated
Average Weight