Components of Adventure: Episode 1 - Chile


To celebrate the launch of M8000 Deore XT, We set-off to Chile with Thomas Vanderham and Andrew Shandro to meet up with locals Ignacio and Nicholas to go back to basics... to celebrate and document the simple enjoyment of a mountain biking adventure.


Chasing trails in Chile with Ignacio and Nicholas was an easy reminder that no matter where you live, or what you ride, nothing beats going on a mountain bike adventure with friends.


In the mountains of Chile, we put M8000 Deore XT to the test.  From the gear range of the new 1x11 and 2x11 drivetrains and the industry proven brakes with Ice Technologies, Shimano has elevated the performance level and options of the industry’s original mountain bike component group to accommodate the riding styles of mountain bikers everywhere!


Like its XTR sibling, DEORE XT M8000 offers 1x11, 2x11, and 3x11 crank options to satisfy any type of rider ability level or terrain. New 2x11 and 3x11 M8000 drivetrains, expand range while maintaining even better rhythm when paired with an 11-40T cassette for optimized cadence control. An exciting addition for DEORE XT M8000 is a 1x11 specific 11-42T cassette that expands Shimano’s 1x11 gear range slightly over the race inspired 11-40T of XTR.